In 2.6 seconds, your visitor decides whether or not you’re worth their time. As soon as any potential customer lands on your site, you really don’t have much time to convince them to stay on and read more about all you have to offer.

Your only hope?  Great website copywriting!

I help create website pages that engage, intrigue, are clear and concise, and most importantly, help you with more leads, more subscribers and more sales.

This Service Includes

  • Consultation on your brand’s voice
  • Creating content for website pages: Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog, Portfolio, FAQs and any other pages that are relevant to your business
  • SEO keyword research, analysis, and inclusion in pages
  • Effortlessly including industry jargon in each page
  • Speaking in your brand’s voice

Why Do You Need This Service?

  • Great website copywriting will increase traffic to your site
  • As soon as leads arrive on your site, you have 2.6 seconds to hook them. You need content that is immediately engaging
  • There’s lots of competition out there. Creating a powerful and engaging website is not an option…it’s a need.

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