4 VR/AR Trends Companies Can Take Advantage Of

VR and AR tech is going to be around for a while and companies need to learn how to take advantage of this innovative technology.

5 Tips for Explaining Complex Tech to Your Target Market

Algorithms, ai, machine learning...it's complicated to the average human. Understanding how to communicate to your market is key to explaining your new tech.


Have you ever hopped onto a site and then in just a few seconds, decided that it was not worth your time? Either a page you wanted was taking too long to load, none of the writing was interesting, or you were just confused about what the website was really about. I’m willing to bet [...]

How to Speak to your Target Audience through Your Business Blog

Small and big businesses have discovered a goldmine to their online marketing – blogging. What was once a space for people to express themselves about pretty much any topic, has now become a way for businesses to connect to their target audiences. And the best part is the potential outreach that is possible. There are [...]

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